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ICP is the preferred packaging partner of a diverse portfolio of clients from the petrochemical industry. Whether you need our packaging services on an ongoing basis or you’re searching for a reliable standby or overage provider, ICP has the facilities, resources, and experience to meet your unique needs.

We offer a variety of filling capabilities, for sizes ranging from 1.5 oz. bottles to 6,500 gallon tankers. With highly-advanced production lines placed throughout our cutting-edge facilities, we’re strategically equipped to handle virtually any package size, including totes, pails, drums, gallons, quarts, liters, pints, and ounces. During the packaging process, we use various techniques to ensure the integrity of your product and packaging.

We can also assist with capping, boxing, private labeling, palletizing, and stretch-wrapping. Looking for a custom-designed bottle that’s more functional and stands out on store shelves? We can help with that too. 

During the packaging process, we utilize various techniques to ensure your product’s integrity and the package’s quality. Samples are taken when the product arrives and throughout the packaging operations to ensure no compromise in product quality. We also flush all lines completely between product filling tasks to prevent cross-contamination.

Choose ICP As Your Packaging Partner

We invite you to schedule a tour of our facilities so you can see firsthand the high level of care and attention your product will receive when you choose to partner with ICP.